The Gamburlarna Foundation is an Aboriginal organisation established by the Wirlu-murra Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation and the National Trust (WA) to protect, maintain and respect cultural heritage. It has evolved from the desire of Yindjibarndi Elders to share knowledge and social histories with younger people and the wider community.
Since 2014, the Foundation has worked to establish and progress a community-driven program of activities, the Gamburlarna Project (the Project), that seeks to enable Yindjibarndi people to build a sustainable and self-sufficient future. A strong focus and aspiration of the Project has been the development of programs and businesses that will create the economic bases to achieve this broader community vision.

Previous years

The Project’s On-Country Program has previously undertaken cultural mapping and research at several key places of importance and significance to the Yindjibarndi Traditional Owners. These places included Ganjinarri (Satellite Springs), Thambirri (Tambrey Station), Gamburlarna, Buminyji (Boomaji), Caliwinge, Jirndawirrinha (Millstream), Yirraynha, Weelumurra, Milandina, Thumpa Thumpa, and Thalani.


The On-Country Program maintains the Project’s previous focus of building sustainable social and business outcomes planned around the needs and aspirations of the Yindjibarndi Traditional Owners, as well as the continued preservation of Yindjibarndi traditional cultural knowledge. Places visited during 2019 include Ganya, Wuyhumarri (Gregory Gorge), Jirndawirrinha (Millstream), Buminyji and Thambirri. A number of cultural practices and activities were also recorded, including Damper Making, Bush Turkey Prepping, and Hunting Practices.

During the 2019, the Cultural Mapping trips were facilitated and coordinated by cultural guide and Yindjibarndi Traditional Owner, Vince Adams of Gamburlarna Tours.

Cultural Mapping

The Project’s Cultural Mapping Stream is designed to provide a virtual tour through Yindjibarndi country with panoramic imagery and recordings of stories and important cultural sites. This is an invaluable digital resource for Yindjibarndi people to continue building and developing for teaching and research, or use as a platform for further creative partnerships.

The Project participants worked in collaboration with Terra Rosa Consulting to facilitate On-Country Cultural Mapping trips and to record important cultural places across Yindjibarndi country with Yindjibarndi elders, anthropologists, archaeologists, film-makers and software developers. This new technology connects Yindjibarndi elders with places they can no longer visit and extends across generations by providing opportunities to pass on important cultural knowledge to younger people through digital platforms. The potential for this technology to expand into an online archive is an important step in storing material in a culturally appropriate and accessible manner, and ensures Yindjibarndi identity remains strong for future generations.