Thumpa Thumpa (Thampadana) is where Yindjibarndi men and women would camp during seasonal mustering. “Thumpa” means ‘stop’ or ‘pay attention’ and refers to the location of a nearby communal ground for marriage giveaway, ceremonies, and an ochre quarry.


Located along the Roebourne-Wittenoom road, Thumpa Thumpa (Thampadana) is marked by a small corrugated iron humpy with a stock yard located close by. The Yindjibarndi traditional custodians explained that during mustering season this was one of the places that station sheep would be loaded onto trucks and transported to market for sale.  The muster would often afford the Old People a chance to meet, especially around times of year where law and culture business needed to be discussed. During the station days people were so busy fulfilling their various roles with the stations that being allowed to practice law and culture freely was near impossible. The exception to this were these times when people were more mobile during the muster.