Over the course of the Cultural Mapping trips, Yindjibarndi traditional custodians demonstrated and discussed several cultural practices.

Budjarri Gamba

Budjarri Gamba is Yindjibarndi for kangaroo cooking. While out on Country on the 6th August 2019, Yindjibarndi Elders John Sandy and Jimmy Horace caught two kangaroos. They gutted and prepared them, and then cooked them into a stew for the whole team to enjoy. While videoing the skinning and cutting process, the Elders took the opportunity to teach younger Yindjibarndi people (Stephen Adams) about what types of kangaroos can be eaten near water sources. Brown kangaroo, like the ones prepared here, are fine to eat. However, Plain (red) kangaroos are forbidden near permanent water sources, as they anger the warlu (water snake).


Mardumirri is the Yindjibarndi word for damper. While out on Country, Anne and Maude shared their recipe for damper (pronounced darm-per). The recipe calls for equal parts plain flour and self-raising flour, with a sprinkle of salt and some powdered milk. Slowly add water until you can knead it. If you want to cook it in a camp oven you need to line it with flour, so it doesn’t stick.

Hunting Practices

While at the Wirlu-Murra Offices Yindjibarndi elders had a conversation about hunting practices and techniques their ancestors would have used before the introduction of guns. A lively discussion was had about exactly how you go about catching a bush turkey.

Bardurra Gamba

Bardurra Gamba is Yindjibarndi for bush turkey cooking. While out on Country, Yindjibarndi Elders took the opportunity to teach younger Yindjibarndi people (Stephen Adams) how to pluck and prepare a bush turkey before cooking it over the campfire.

Station Life

Work on the stations has been a huge part of the lives of many members of the Yindjibarndi community. Some of them took the opportunity to reminisce about those days, and to talk about some of the movements and influences that impacted Yindjibarndi people during the station days.

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