The Gamburlarna Cultural Map is a digital resource for Yindjibarndi people, and the incorporated interactive map is a platform to develop innovative methods for teaching and research. New technologies are connecting our people with important places that aren’t easily accessed anymore and we hope that this extends across generations, passing on important cultural knowledge to younger people. The Gamburlarna Project (the Project) invites other Aboriginal communities to also share knowledge and stories to help build an invaluable resource for the future.

You are now entering Yindjibarndi country. Please take the time to explore the places documented thus far, listen to elders and appreciate our beautiful land.

2014 Participants

Thanks to the following people who have participated in the cultural mapping project:

And many thanks to those who have been involved in or supported the project, including Aileen Sandy, Allery Sandy, Jayne Ranger, Aquinas Ranger,Cory Adams, Francis Phillips, Carmel Jacobs, Linda Norman, Lynette Phillips, Brenda Greenwood, Davina Boyd, Michael Gallagher, Owen Hughes, Daniel Gallagher, Scott Chisholm, Lucy Chisholm, Anne Golden, Brenda Fuller, Glenn Chisholm, Luke May, and Ben Curtis.

2019 Participants

Thanks to the following people who participated in the Cultural Mapping On-Country trips:

John Sandy

Ricky Sandy

Ken Sandy

Jimmy Horace

Vince Adams (Gamburlarna Tours)

Kenny Diamond

Stephen Adams

Diana Smith

Maude Jerrold

Anne Jacobs

Michelle Adams

Lorraine Allen

Cassandra Halden

Reene Wally

Jayne Ranger

Jenna Halden

Deanna Halden

Bruce Monadee

Marlene Harold

Jill Tucker

Allery Sandy

Rodney Adams

Keith Churnside


And many thanks to those who have been involved in or supported the 2019 project, including Karl Haynes, Tiwatope Olowoyo, Natasha Sanders, Carly Sims, Susan Standen, Lawrence Hillary, Richard Hubbard, Lincoln Mackinnon, Scott Chisholm, Anne Golden, Nell Taylor, Jeremiah Riley, Kate Saxon, Glenn Chisholm, Jonathan McClements, and the Yindjibarndi children who attended this year – Elijah, Latarra and Lesley.